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Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


Cuarteto Invocacion,  Temuco, Chile


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International Quartet Convention

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

8 a 11 de Setembro de 2011



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Pr. Joaquim Carlos Nascimento


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Our Vision


To organize and promote the annual International Quartet Convention and other events, in order to help strengthen and expand these ministries, focusing always in supporting the work of the local church.

It is not our intention to judge, to spotlight, promote or showcase a few groups as "the best ones". Our goal will always be to encourage and give opportunity to all groups, which main objective is to humbly present themselves in the altar of our great God, letting the harmony of their voices be an instrument of the Holy Spirit for salvation of the lost and edification of the body of Christ, the church




► To give praises to the almighty God, eternal and of love;
►To bring joy, to unite and strengthen the people of God;
►To give continuity to gospel music;
►To encourage the quartets, old and new;
►To promote workshops of general interest of persons in quartet ministries;
►To promote partnerships among persons in quartet ministries
►To promote multi-cultural exchange of quartet music
►To help quartet ministries to enlarge their geographical area of ministry


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